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AE September 2017 Forum

Washington D.C. – Advancing Excellence is hosting a forum on preventing falls on Monday, September 11, at Forest Hills of D.C. 4901 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, D.C.

Following a membership meeting in the morning, the forum, entitled Preventing Falls: The Unintended Consequences of Good Intentions, will engage participants in a lively discussion.

Mobility is vital for both physical and emotional health. For frail older adults, mobility will only be maintained if ambulation is encouraged and supported. Fall risk and fear of falls is a common barrier to staying mobile. How do we balance the resident’s right to self-direction and autonomy – against a known fall risk? Does our focus on fall prevention (and related risk management to prevent injury) potentially override the resident’s rights to freely ambulate? How can providers manage this potential tension between safety and resident rights?

Moderating the discussion will be Anna Ortigara, Organizational Change Consultant, PHI. The panelists will include Maggie Calkins (Executive Director of The Mayer-Rothschild), Hilary G. Foreman (SVP of Clinical Strategies Division, Healthpro Heritage) and Paul A. Greve Jr. (Executive Vice President, Willis Towers Watson).

The Advancing Excellence in Long-Term Care Collaborative (AELTCC) is a membership-based, national not-for-profit organization which provides a forum for government, professional, consumer, trade, clinical, and other stakeholders to discuss diverse perspectives, policies, regulations, and environmental trends that affect post-acute and long-term services and supports. Collaborative members share information and resources, create relationships that support the provision of the highest levels of support to those they represent, and work to ensure the highest level of care to the individuals who receive post-acute and long-term care services. For more information visit