Why it is so important to become a member

Members of Advancing Excellence strongly believe that collaboration among diverse stakeholders is a powerful and effective method for driving change and positively impacting resident care and quality of life. AE is a forum for government, professional, consumer, trade, clinical and others to take collective action and develop policy recommendations around vital issues affecting the quality of care and life for individuals receiving post-acute and long-term services and supports (LTSS). Join us! There are six levels of membership:

  1. Provider: Provider membership is open to any organization involved in the delivery and/or payment of long-term services and supports (e.g., nursing homes, post-acute providers, managed care organizations). Annual dues: $1000.00
  2. Organization: Organization membership is open to non-profit organizations with an interest in long-term care services and supports (e.g. provider associations, membership associations, professional societies, quality improvement organizations, consumer organizations, educational organizations and foundations). Annual dues: $1000.00
  3. Academic Institution: Academic Institution membership is open for entities with programming in healthcare, aging services, policy, or related field. Annual dues: $250
  4. Government Agency: Government agency membership is available to units of local, state, or federal government wishing to participate in AE’s activities. Annual dues: $250
  5. Supporter: Supporter membership is available on a selective basis to companies providing products and services to the long-term care industry and which have an interest in contributing to the mission and work of AE. Supporter representatives shall serve in the best interests of Advancing Excellence even in circumstances when the best interest of AELTC is at odds with the interests of the organization represented. Annual dues: $5000.00
  6. Individual: Individual membership is open to persons with an interest in long-term services and support. Annual dues: $100.00
  7. Student: Full-time students interested in contributing to AE’s mission are invited to join the collaborative for a reduced membership rate. Annual dues: $25
  8. Advisory Participants: Advisory Participant status is offered to key stakeholders whose governing policies preclude them from becoming paying members of the collaborative (e.g., government agencies, oversight groups, etc.). Annual dues: N/A

For more information about joining Advancing Excellence, please contact us at AskAE@AdvancingExcellence.org